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We are a Certified ValvTect Marina

At Lanes End Marina we realize your boat is one of your largest and most important investments.  We also realize how important it is to have a safe and trouble free boating season.  That is why we have become a Certified ValvTect Marina on Lake Winnipesaukee.

As you may know your boat's marine engine(s) must work harder and is under a much heavier load than an automobile or truck engines.  Repairs, or replacement of your marine engine(s) is much more expensive and may be more frequent if high quality fuels and lubricants are not used.   Good performance, low maintenance costs and long engine life are critical to your boating enjoyment and help to reduce the cost of operating your boat.

This is why we provide ValvTect marine Gasoline at our gas dock.  Unlike the automotive brands of gasoline offered at gas stations and non-ValvTect marinas, ValvTect Marine Fuels are specially formulated for your heavy-duty marine engine(s) and difficult marine operating conditions.

ValvTect Marine Gasoline is specially formulated to help:

  • Prevent problems caused by ethanol blended gasoline such as phase separation

  • Keep fuel stabilized and fresh for up to a year or more

  • Improve Octane performance

  • Increase engine power and acceleration

  • Prevent premature ware and extend top engine life

  • Reduce fuel consumption


The use of ValvTect marine Fuels will help you get peak performance, lower operating costs and longer engine life from your marine engine(s).  No other fuel additives are recommended.  Additionally the use of ValvTect Marine Fuels will help reduce harmful exhaust emissions thus helping to improve water and air quality.

We wish you a safe and enjoyable boating season.  For more information about ValvTect Marine Fuels please feel free to contact ValvTect Petroleum Products at 800-728-8258 or visit the ValvTect web site at www.valvtect.com.


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Lanes End Marina
7 Lanes End Road - Service
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